The curiosity approach

Naturally Curious

We want our children to be curious and adventurous…

We want them to go on a journey of exploration guided by us, enhanced by our provision of amazing and, often, authentic resources. We want to lay the foundations of their love of education, to inspire them to want to find out more and enjoy the process of learning.

What Is The Curiosity Approach?

The Curiosity Approach is style of delivering the early years learning curriculum that evokes children’s awe and wonder in the world and their environment around them as they interact with it. 

The provision of beautiful, carefully constructed play spaces, invitations to play and provocations to enhance children’s learning both indoors and outdoors enables the children to be;

Why The Curiosity Approach?

We believe the Curiosity Approach will fulfil these hopes and aspirations for your child. Although this approach is exciting and quite new to us at Quackers it is built upon the solid foundations of underpinning early years philosophers and education curriculums including;

Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia. Italy)

Who believes that the learning environment is the child’s “Third Teacher” after their parents and family and us as early years professionals.

Rudolph Steiner (Austria)

Who emphasised the need for children to enjoy what they are doing in school and that education should develop children’s intellectual, artistic and practical skills, developing the whole child.

Te Whariki (New Zealand)

An education curriculum that enables children to be “confident and competent learners and communicators with healthy bodies, minds and spirits who are secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valuable contribution to society”

Curiosity Approach Nursery Stalybridge

Join Us On Our Journey?

We hope your child enjoys being part of our journey to become the first nursery in Tameside to become an accredited Curiosity Approach nursery. The staff are really excited to be creating amazing learning environments for your child, to work alongside your child to develop their skills and encourage their love of learning, to provide them with exciting learning opportunities that inspire your child to explore, investigate, be curious and find out more.

We are looking forward to seeing your child become a confident and competent learner who will shine like the brightest star when they move onto big school… ready and eager to learn even more, building upon the firm foundations we have given them at Quackers Kids Day Nursery.

Quackers kids

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