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We have 3 stages at Quackers these are the Ducklings our 0-2 year olds, the Twinklers our 2-3 year olds and the Rising Stars our 3-4 year olds. Each stage has been specially designed to meet the requirments of our children in each step of their development. You can learn more about each of our stages below


The Ducklings are our under twos group. The children in this age group are cared for by their own key persons in a specially designed area


The Twinklers are our two and three year olds. A day of a Twinkler involves greater structure to meet growing needs and extending interests

Rising Stars

Our Rising Stars are our 3 and four year olds. They are given the opportunity to experience more focused activities developing their school readiness

our 0-2 year olds


The Ducklings team are chosen because of their specific skills and aptitude to work with this age group. We also recognise that all children enjoy being with other children and our Ducklings will have the opportunity to be part of the whole nursery family under the care of their key-person.

Each baby’s routine will be developed in close liaison with parents to ensure continuity between home and nursery. Through this close and caring relationships develop which are important to your Childs wellbeing.

The daily routine includes play, activities, outdoor fun, cuddles, conversation, homemade meals and sleep. Learn moabout our weaning policy here.

our 2-3 year olds


Children can choose from a range of activities, these include; Sand, Water, Role-play, Construction, Mark making, creativity and messy play. Circle time is a daily opportunity for developing listening, attention, turn taking and social skills.

We believe a combination of self chosen activities and whole group activities provide the Twinklers with the opportunities they need to build upon their home experiences and develop new skills, ideas and attitudes.

Weekly activities include; Baking, Music and movement, and Fit Kids. Our Outdoor environment is accessible throughout the day.

A quiet area is also available for children requiring sleep or rest during the busy nursery day.

our 3-4 year olds

Rising Stars

The emphasis is upon the development of communication, language and literacy, numeracy, independence, social skills.

Activities are structured and designed to your meet each child’s needs and stage of development. The foundation stage encourages learning through structured and self directed play as this emulates current practice within the reception classes in school.

Rising stars meet together at the beginning of every day to spend time on focused numeracy and literacy activities, they also use this time to discuss their plans for the day. There are structured adult led activities every day in addition to self-chosen activities both indoors and outdoors.

At the end of the day they reflect upon what they have been doing and learnt.

Quackers kids

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